Top Summer Hair Care Products That Will Change Your Life

  Top Summer Hair Care Products That Will Change Your Life April 3, 2019 Summer is right around the corner! It’s no secret that beautiful sunny days can also yield harsh humidity, meaning soft and smooth hair can be difficult to maintain. Humidity can cause hair to become frizzy, dry or curly due to the composition... Continue Reading →


The Art of Washing Your Hair

The Art of Washing Your Hair Jan. 7, 2019 How often do you wash your hair? Every day? Once a week? Chances are that anybody you ask this question to will give you a different answer because hair washing boils down to personal preference. Washing your hair on a schedule that best aligns with your... Continue Reading →

6 Tips for Appointment Booking Success

  6 Tips for Appointment Booking Success Nov. 26, 2018 1. Pre-Book Your Appointment Pre-booking after your appointment helps you secure your next appointment to best align with your schedule and our availability during busy times of the year. Pre-Booking will help you avoid a frantic phone call before a special event or holiday that... Continue Reading →

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