The Art of Washing Your Hair

The Art of Washing Your Hair

Jan. 7, 2019

How often do you wash your hair? Every day? Once a week? Chances are that anybody you ask this question to will give you a different answer because hair washing boils down to personal preference.

Washing your hair on a schedule that best aligns with your hair type is essential to the health of your hair because shampoo captures and traps excess oil, dirt, and product residue, according to WebMD.

Truthfully there is no universal pattern to washing hair that will fit everybody’s needs because all hair is unique and deserves to be catered to as such. To understand how often you should be washing your hair, consider this advice from Melissa Hancock, hair stylist of 25 years.

  •     Over or Under Washing: Finding a wash schedule for your hair often means learning through trial and error. You may notice that over washing can lead to a dry scalp, lack of hair moisture, dandruff and/or excess oil. On the other hand, under washing can lead to greasy hair, undesirable scalp conditions, product buildup and/or unpleasant odor.
  •     Frequency: The condition of your scalp and the health of your hair is the foremost factor in recognizing how often you should wash your hair. Consider the dryness, oiliness, damage and integrity of your hair and how these sensitivities may react to the frequency of washing it.
  •     Common Washing Mistakes: Identifying a personalized washing schedule is only the first step in the art of washing your hair. Obtaining healthy hair also comes from understanding how to wash it. Make sure to concentrate on your scalp because just like any other part of your skin, it needs massaging, conditioning and moisturizing. Also remember to rinse thoroughly, to avoid undesirable scalp conditions.
  •     Chemically Processed Hair: Over 75% of women have their hair colored. And many more have had time consuming and costly treatments like a Keratin or Perm. Protecting the investment in your hair and maintaining its health means finding a regimented wash schedule and using sulfate-free shampoo to extend the lifetime of color and hair treatments. Colored and treated hair can be stripped of their effects through over washing and the use of misunderstood shampoos.

There are many more variables that can be considered when identifying a hair washing schedule that is unique to you, but this is a strong starting point. For a more individualized assessment on your hair washing needs, consult your stylist for an expert opinion.

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