6 Tips for Appointment Booking Success


6 Tips for Appointment Booking Success

Nov. 26, 2018

1. Pre-Book Your Appointment

Pre-booking after your appointment helps you secure your next appointment to best align with your schedule and our availability during busy times of the year. Pre-Booking will help you avoid a frantic phone call before a special event or holiday that you want to look your best for. If you see your service provider(s) on the same schedule, say every four weeks or so, consider a standing appointment to reserve that appointment slot for an entire year.

2. Consider High Volume Times of the Year

Our busiest times of the year are the months of November and December, we book over 30% more than our average schedule. We recommend booking at least two weeks in advance during this time of the year to guarantee your appointment. Remember, it’s always safe to book an appointment and cancel it then to not have one at all!

3. Inform Reception of Extra Time

If you are aware that your service provider(s) prefers an extra amount of time for your appointment, mention this upon scheduling with reception to avoid any conflicts. The extra time is important to make sure your service provider(s) has the time they need to achieve your desired look. Also, if you plan on making a significant change with your look, let reception know ahead of time to allow them to dedicate more time to your transformation!

4. Know Your Appointment Preferences

Upon calling to book your appointment, try having a few dates and times prepared for reception to consider. This will improve the efficiency of your appointment booking experience and allow reception to properly understand your availability in relation to our schedule.

5. Ask About Waitlists

Our receptionists try their best to squeeze you in wherever they can, though sometimes your availability and our schedule just don’t match up. If this happens, ask to be waitlisted for the possibility of a cancelation with your desired service provider(s). Although, if you have an important occasion coming up, consider seeing another service provider for that appointment because all of our staff have the same goal in mind to help you look your best!

6. Watch for Your Reminder Call

We like to do things old-school at Paige Ryan Salon. Our receptionists will personally contact you the day before your appointment with a reminder call about who you are seeing and at what time. If you do not receive a call, but believe you have an appointment, we urge you to contact reception as soon as possible. Everybody makes mistakes, including us, and we pride ourselves in working to resolve any miscommunications with scheduling.

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